Common Mistakes Made By Texas Hold’em Players

The Texas Hold’em is one of the most popular variations of the poker , with tournaments at international level – as the WSOP – offering millions of dollars in prize money .

Within the Casino section we have different options for you to bet on Texas Hold’em ; If you are a newbie to the game, or if you want to perfect your technique, we leave you these mistakes that most people make in games:

Play Lots Of Starting Hands

The initial hand are the cards you receive at the beginning of the game , with which you will form your play supported by the five that are placed on the table. Not every pair of cards you receive will be worth it, and playing as many to ‘see what comes out’ will affect your bank . 

Give More Value To Your Hand

Although it happens even to the most experienced, a common mistake is to overvalue the odds your hand has . Having two cards of the same suit can be attractive, but you always have to be thinking about the odds and knowing when to fold. 

Not Taking The Initiative

If you only dedicate yourself to accepting the bets of your rivals, you will make your game very predictable and quickly they will take your measure . Every now and then you have to be the one to set the pace at the table, raising your bet from the start, or playing it safe with a big bet if you have a good hand.

Mismeasure Your Bets

This is something that can affect both your strategy at the table and your bank: if you bet little, you can give your opponent a chance to get a better hand and put you in trouble ; If your stakes are consistently high, opponents will know you have a good hand and will not follow through.

Bluffing Over Or Under

The bluff can be a great tool to deceive opponents, but not overdo it . As in your bets, you must balance the deception: playing it safe will not always bring you many dividends, but playing the brave with any hand can cause opponents to take advantage of a good hand and affect your bank. 

Get Hooked On Losing

A recommendation that applies to all the bets you make : remember that Texas Hold’em is a game of chance, which does not guarantee you to win often . If when you lose your money you want to bet again immediately, it is better to think twice: think with a cool head and better wait, maybe tomorrow you will have more luck. 

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